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About us

COSMOSS is a distribution and marketing company for branded products, with 10 years of experience in Scandinavia and the Baltics.


COSMOSS purchases products of all the brands directly from their manufacturers and offers only authentic branded goods, with all of the necessary documentation, for competitive prices.

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A perfect blend: the functionality of smartwatches combined with the elegance of classic watches.

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Iconic wristwatches that combine innovation, technology and craftsmanship.

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Modern and exquisite high-quality wristwatches for men and women.

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Beautiful high-quality women’s wristwatches for everyday use and special occasions.

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Men’s and women’s watches that combine world-class design and technological innovation.

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Modern and masculine wristwatches made of high-quality steel.

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Wristwatches from men’s and women’s design collections: vintage, sports and limited edition series.

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Jewellery and accessories known around the world as symbols of sex appeal and an exciting lifestyle.

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Modern and functional, these men’s and women’s wristwatches are available to everyone.

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Unisex watches for men and women, made of 100% titanium, without nickel or other metal alloys.

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High-quality water and heat-resistant wristwatches with luminescent elements.

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High-quality rechargeable and single-use batteries for watches.

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Functional and elegant wristwatches that combine a unique design and high quality.

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High-quality analogue and digital wall and alarm clocks.

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High-quality writing instruments that combine functionality and a modern design.

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Why choose COSMOSS?

A dynamic team

The COSMOSS team consists of professional marketing, merchandising and logistics experts with years of industry experience under their belts.

Excellent customer service

COSMOSS is a customer-oriented company that provides tailor-made solutions for cooperation.

Marketing support

COSMOSS provides its customers with support in promoting brands and improving the quality and quantity of sales.

Settlements and delivery

COSMOSS uses only recognised carriers, such as DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx, and offers flexible payment options.

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