COSMOSS is a story about innovations and new products in the Latvian market, about perceiving, receiving and obtaining things. Essentially, it concerns all the tools to make unattainable things attainable. COSMOSS does draw boundaries for itself. Instead, it dares to address, evaluate and master new sectors and products.

COSMOSS is a distribution and marketing company that studies and perceives every brand it collaborates with and, in accordance with the brand’s highest standards, launches the brand on the Latvian market, providing it with the best sales channels, developing its reputation in its new market, as well as its ability to respond dynamically.

If you have an idea for products – we’ll be happy to hear from you. SIA Cosmoss has signed agreements with the biggest and best-known retail networks in Latvia which can sell the most diverse range of products.


COSMOSS’ foundation is dynamic people who are capable of acting proactively, making internationally renowned brands available in Latvia.


COSMOSS is highly esteemed both among the public and its partners, as well a result of which, in 2017 has imported and widely developed 60 products, in doing so generating total turnover of EUR 25 million, offering world-class brands on the Latvian market.


Elasticity. Rationality. Speed.


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