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High-quality water and heat resistant wristwatches with luminescent elements

About Luminox

Luminox is an American watch manufacturing brand. Luminox wristwatches, created as a niche product, quickly conquered a larger market share, distinguished by the high quality of their watches and their durability in different extreme conditions.

Luminox wristwatches are comparatively large, massive and water resistant. Many Luminox models are also suitable for diving, as well as especially resistant to heat and other external conditions. The luminescent parts of these watches keep their properties for even up to 25 years.

Luminox watches won’t let down their users neither in everyday use, nor at work or during adventures. Exactly for this reason, the watches of this brand are highly regarded by members of US military, Navy SEALs, FBI, firefighters and other members of armed forces.

Countries we can currently provide the distribution for:

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

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