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A distribution and marketing company for fashion products, with more than 10 years of experience in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions

What is COSMOSS?

COSMOSS is a distribution and marketing company of branded products, that establishes and implements global brands in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets, according to all of the guidelines set by the represented brands.


COSMOSS has more than 10 years of experience in importing, distributing and marketing products, to increase the popularity of the brands and to reach the highest sales results in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets.

Our goal

The goal of COSMOSS is to use the knowledge of our team and our experience working with the manufacturers of world-renowned brands (Citizen, Lacoste, Anne Klein, Guess, Festina etc.) to become the leading company in the fields of distribution, marketing, introduction of new products and brand strengthening for the Baltic and Scandinavian markets.

Our mission

The mission of COSMOSS is to connect the manufacturers with the right distribution channels, for providing authentic, certified and properly positioned brand products to the consumers.

What does that mean for you?

The availability of products

We partner only with the official manufacturers of brand products, to ensure the availability of authentic and certified products for competitive prices in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions.

A proactive team

We actively follow new trends to introduce more and more new products and brands. In 2017, we have imported and distributed products of 14 different brands, with the total turnover of 12 000 000 euros.


We are a customer-oriented company with a high regard for flexibility in the relationships with our customers, which allows us to find the most appropriate and most convenient solutions for every situation.

Marketing activities

To improve the success of the products in the market, we use only the most appropriate marketing instruments and channels, when planning the marketing activities for each of the brands.


We understand that time is very valuable in the modern world of business, therefore, we always react fast. That way you can develop your business, relying on us to provide timely delivery of goods.

Win-win partnership

Building mutually beneficial partnerships is the key to success. We conduct our business in a way that lets you and your business always benefit from the partnership with us.

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